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Welcome to Lee’s Iron Works. Our wrought iron gates and fencing service is located here in Placentia. We serve OC, parts of LA and Riverside county areas with fabrication and installation of wrought iron gates and fences. Many homes today can be greatly improved by any kind of fencing or gates surrounding them. A variety of materials can be utilized to be able to fabricate these gates and fences but there’s nothing quite so elegant, enhancing and secure as wrought iron. You can find all kinds of reasons why you might want to contemplate wrought iron gates. These sturdy gates can be very exquisite.

Firstly, wrought iron gates provide security to your property. They’ll let you keep out people that you simply have not invited to your home- peddlers, solicitors and salesmen come to mind.

Wrought iron gates are a cosmetic accessory that enhance the look of your home and define a secured perimeter for your home. We make gates to order in all different cosmetic designs. Your entry doesn’t have to be boring or basic. It’s your castle and your gate and fencing may be as simple or as intricate as you like. Wrought iron always adds a little extra style and elegance to your property and enhances its appearance from any angle. Speak with us today to find out more about wrought iron appointments for your home or business.

Did you know? This type of iron, wrought iron, is very strong and resistant to just about all forms of weather. Wrought iron is termite proof, unwanted nuisance proof and properly maintained, far outlasts wood.

Besides the fact that it’s extremely durable and strong, it’s also easy to maintain. The truth is, you may not need to do much of anything about it for a long time. Obviously you have to clean it, but the work is easy and infrequent.

Wrought iron may be designed in such a style it gives your house an upscale, refined look. It may come as a surprise that there are numerous kinds of wrought iron gates design accessible to you. For example, there are bowed iron, wriggled, engraved, and tubular and a lot more. The key is in picking out the suitable layout that can combine perfectly into your home. We can help you with these choices. A twined, engraved or sound wrought iron gate can offer you a classic and excellent appearance in the outside of your house. Plus, with all the automatic opening gates, your property is kept even more safe and secured.

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